Honours proposal – Outline and Sources

Can in-game Graphic Design and 2D Art drive the visual style, or motif, of a game environment?

What? – Create a 3D environment for games and have the scene heavily decorated with 2D art and graphic design (billboards, posters, signs etc)

Where? – Urban, small city street corner with shopfronts and billboards. Architecture: Historical but generic – could suit any time period.

When?Current verging on near-future; technology is slightly more advanced and street advertisements are more ubiquitous. More neon and TV screens.

Why? – Investigate impact of in-game 2D art can have on informing the narrative and how it helps give the enclosed environment a sense of being one part of a wider world.

Within a small street-corner environment, what 2D art would we see?
  • Billboards – Small ‘bus stop’ size & larger work seen from a distance.
  • Shop signage – hanging signs and windows.
  • Street level advertising – chalkboards, flyers, ‘guerrilla marketing’
  • TV screens, large and small. Moving billboards.
  • Graffiti
  • Street signs & road markings.

Stuff I need to look into:
  • Advertising design for billboards, posters and web.
  • News and live-feeds in urban spaces.
  • Graffiti and street art.
  • Street/road signage and logography (optional, could just use existing British format)

Other stuff I need to do:
  • 3D environment art (urban setting)
  • Environment layout.




Literature review:

Games, Film and Animations to look at:

Overwatch, Dishonoured, Fallout, Bioshock, The Illusionist, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Space Dandy, Man in the High Castle….


Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.55-66. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 804.369KB). 2011

Across Disciplines: Literature and Graphic Design By Melissa Plourde Khoury and Tarek E. Khoury. Published by The Design Collection

Graphic Design in Urban Environments By Robert Harland – Oct 2016 – Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London – ISBN 978-1-4725-9774-8

Advertising Design and Typography By Alex W. White – Allworth Press; Reprint edition (September 1, 2015) ISBN-13: 978-1621534815

Globalisation and Advertising in Emerging Economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China by Lynne Ciochetto – 2011 – Routledge – New York

Meggs’ History of Graphic Design By Philip B. Meggs, Alston W. Purvis – 2016 – John Wiley & Sons Inc. Hoboken, New Jersey

Anatomy of a Typeface By Alexander S. Lawson – 1990 – David R Godine, Publisher Inc. Jaffrey, New Hampshire

The Visual Culture Reader edited by Nicholas Mirzoeff – 1998 – Routledge, London and New York

The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space By Scott McQuire

The Semiotics of Emoji: The Rise of Visual Language in the Age of the Internet By Marcel Danesi –

Design Graphique Au 21e Siécle By Charlotte Fiell, Peter Fiell

Street Marketing: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz By Marcel Saucet – 2015 – Praeger – California

E-Books: Further Reading








Website, Web article and Image References:
















Further Reading:

  • Advertising Design and Typography – Alex W. White
  • The Poster: Art Advertising, Design and Collecting – Ruth E. Iskin
  • Advertising and Public Memory: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives – Stephan Schutt et al
  • Graphic Design: New History 2nd Edition – Stephen Eskilson
  • Advertising and Design: Interdisiplinary Perspectives on a Cultural Field – Beate Flath et al.
  • Archetypes in Branding: A toolkit for Creatives and Strategists – Margaret Hartwell
  • A branded World: Adventures in Public Relations and the Creation of Superbrands – Michael Levine
  • How Brands become Icons: The Principles of Cultural Branding – DB Holt
  • The Human Brand: How We relate to People, Products and Companies – Chris Malone
  • The Making of Modern Advertising – Daniel Pope
  • Captains of Consciousness Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture – Stuart Ewen
  • The Technique of Advertising Production by Thomas Blaine Stanley
  • The Language of the Walls by James Dawson Burn
  • The Shocking History of Advertising by ES Turner
  • Brought to you By: Postward Television Advertising and the American Dream by Lawrence R Samuel
  • Layout in Advertising by William Adamson Dwiggins


  • Urban Codes//Parallel Worlds by Troy Innocent, Indae Hwang
  • Branding in Fictional and Virtual Environments: Introducing a new conceptual domain and research agenda by Laurent Muzellec et al
  • Transmedia Storytelling: Implicit Consumers, Narrative Worlds and Branding in Contemporary Media Production by Carlos Alberto
  • Next Level Branding: Digital Brand Fit in Video Game Design by Jasper Wuts et al
  • The Effectiveness of Product Placement in Video Games by Zachary Glass
  • Advertising in Rural India: Language, Marketing Communication and consumerism by Bhatia Tej K
  • Subculture the Meaning of Style – Hebdige



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