3D Environment – Planning #2

After planning the assets in 2D, I started modelling some buildings based on the plans I developed:

Final Pieces

I simply took to Maya and created buildings 1 & 2, keeping somewhat faithful but later tweaking small details such as the thickness of the wooden beams and the window design. The benefit of this system is different window styles can always be created later and added.


Using only the parts from buildings 1 and 2, I also started some preliminary level layout tests. I plan on using these layouts as a backdrop to make some concept art and mock-ups of the final environment to help plan ahead.



My next tasks will be:

  1. Create buildings 3, 4, 5 6 & 7 based on the 2D plans. (No textures, only blocked in colours.)
  2. Once that is done, that should provide enough information to create detailed concept art and mock-ups of the final level, with annotations.
  3. Make a finalised asset list for everything needed to make the final environment, including stretch-goals.
  4. Finalise plans for the 2D art portfolio that will sit within the environment.

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