2D Art Object – Placeholders

After getting to a decent stage with the building creation, I could then really start designing the environment more elaborately. Based on the earlier level design, it didn’t take long to build up a busy, intricate level.

As before, I started placing BSPs on every available surface that could be used for 2D Art, although I wouldn’t use every space, it was good to see just how much surface area could be utilised. I quite like the verticality of how the placeholders turned out, this will go well with the typography and icon-based ideas I have for some of the pieces.

The placeholders at the moment are there just to demonstrate available space, the final work would not necessarily be this boxy – I would like to use transparency on some of them also.

I also added a few other details such as a preliminary pavement and paving stones.

This has given me the perfect launching pad for really getting into the 2D art, and the space needed to imagine what shapes the pieces will take.


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