Environment Textures – Ongoing Process #1

As I begin work on the 2D art – at the moment I have set up the canvas ratios, all I need to do is fire ahead with that – but as it is with beginning any large task, there’s that inevitable, empty blank-canvas  phase. In that time, to combat the head-desking, I decided to experiment a little with textures to try and make the environment art pop.

I may have gotten carried away with some POMs.

I thought having individually placed kerbstones instead of a spline mesh would be a good idea, but now I’m not so sure. I wanted to avoid the unnaturally stretched curves, but how jarring the different kerbstones look here is making me think of revisiting the use of splines.

The pavement and road sections are the same textures, just different orientation, darker colour map, and one has been stretched. The ‘puddles’ are simply planes with a black roughness texture, it was the only solution I could immediately think of as I’m not sure how else I could achive this effect (but it works…right?)



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