More Environment Detail and 2D Art

The past two weeks or so have been used to work more detail into the environment and come up with a plan for the colour scheme. The pastel blue is finally gone and distinct quadrants with their own colour themes have emerged; each will hopefully tell a slightly different story about the character of the area through the art present in each zone.

Theme 1: Cyan/blue art in an orange environment.

My plan for this area is to make it bright, happy and sunny, with high quality signage and cheerful designs. I aim to make the 2D art much more ‘commercial’ in this part, with advertisements and logos.

Theme 2: Reds in a darker blue environment.

The art in this are will be more ‘artsy’ and unconventional, less commercialised than Theme 1, perhaps ‘seedier’, with a nightlife feel. The Polish School of Posters will hopefully be a bigger influence on the art here.

Theme 3: Greens and Magentas

This area is a nightlife spot, with an aesthetic that is hyperactive and slightly bubblegum, with drinking being the main quality of this area. Neon icons and signage will be the main theme here.

To Do:

Keep making art to fill those spaces and adding to the environment.


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